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Freelancing has become a significant trend these days. It is now rather common to find people from all over the world working on different online freelance marketplaces. The reasons for doing this can be to earn some extra income on the side, or even as a full-time career. Freelancing has plenty of benefits. For starters, you can work from home and get everything done with a lot of comfort and ease. It can also help you open up new career opportunities. You can harness the skills you have, learn new ones, and create a portfolio through freelancing gigs as well. 

Hourly Rate Resource for Creative Freelancers in Major Cities

But, what’s the best part about freelancing? The fact that you can earn a bit of side income! You can keep your main job and the benefits that come with it. You can even use your connections to find potential clients for your freelancing work. Extra money always comes in handy – whether you need it to increase your savings or maintain your lifestyle. As a freelancer, you can also take a day off whenever you wish to do so. You will be your own boss! So, all the rules will be for you to make. 

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Now with the digital age, getting freelancing gigs has now become globally achievable. All you need is an internet-enabled device to connect with the online freelance market places. I have a bit of freelancing experience myself working on some of these online platforms. This has influenced my putting together a list of the best freelance marketplaces available to you right this very second. Here are the 8 best online freelance marketplaces to make money!

1.  Fiverr

Fiverr is currently the largest online marketplace in the world for almost all kinds of services. One of the key selling points of this platform is that you can create gigs for a price as low as $5. As a matter of fact, this was the rationale behind the name ‘fiverr’. However, since its creation, this no longer applies to most gigs.

Freelancers can provide a lot of services on this platform. Even thou highly technical skills such as graphic designing, coding, website designing can be found in this marketplace, you can still offer gigs that do not require as much technical skill. Take a look at all the gigs being offered by others and see if there is something you can also possibly do. As an example, writing is a common gig that can be done here.

fiverr online freelance marketplace

You might have a very average set of skills that people are willing to pay around $5-10 for, and just with that, you can make plenty of money over time. Since it is the most popular freelancing platforms out there right now, there is a complete guarantee that you will find gigs in no time once you establish a profile for yourself. 

There is also Fiverr pro. Their online market place for vetted professionals to offer their services. This is a more premium marketplace. As a matter of fact, once approved by the fiverr team as a professional freelancer in your field, your earning potentials on fiverr pro are unlimited. Sometimes as high as $2000 per gig and over!

online freelance marketplaces

Key Highlights

  • Payment Protection

Fiverr provides the guarantee of payment protection for both buyers and sellers. Buyers need to pay their money upfront whenever they request a service, not when they receive it. Once your work has been sent and approved, you will receive your payment. In case the seller doesn’t deliver as promised, the buyer can receive their money back. 

  • Put Up Your Price

On Fiverr, it’s the freelancer putting up gigs, and not the employers. Essentially, you market yourself and your service. This means you get to decide on a pay rate that you’re comfortable with. This cuts out most of the awkward negotiations you may have to have with employers. Your rate will be right there on the gig for all employers to see. This also means that if an employer does choose you, they’re likely to be comfortable with the rate you’ve put up.

  • Easy to Use 

Fiverr is easy to use in comparison to other freelancing platforms. Most of those require an extensive profile to be posted. At times, tests need to be taken to prove proficiency in your selected area. However, except with fiverr pro, the Fiverr online marketplace is simple and fast. All you need to do is sign up on the website and post your gigs to get working. It is the perfect website for you if you don’t have plenty of experience and are looking for a platform to slowly build your reputation.

2. Toptal

One thing I love about Toptal is the diligence they put into their business processes. This online freelance market place stands out among the others. If you are a Business analyst, this is a great place to find a side gig.

Toptal prides itself on connecting companies to the top 3% in the world in fields such as finance, project management, design, and development. This in turn guarantees you as a freelancer the option to work with premium companies who can afford to pay premium prices for services offered.

To sign up as a freelancer on Toptal, click on ‘top 3%’ here and then click on ‘apply as a freelancer’

Toptal freelancer application
Toptal freelancer application

Key Highlights

  • Services Offered

The services you can provide on this platform are as a Project manager or Product manager, working in the field of scrum mastery, agile project management, digital project management, product framework & transformation, services in product launch, and research and ideation.

They also recruit developers who are able to fulfill development needs in ant stack as well as AI/Machine learning and block chain. Designers with expertise in product management, UI/UX, branding and logo creation are also recruited by toptal.

Lastly, Toptal recruits finance experts who can offer services as interim CFO/controllers as well as those who can provide services for finance backlogs and fundraising efforts.

online freelance marketplaces
  • Clients

Toptal has over 3,500 customers among which are Google, Walt Disney, AirBnB, Pfizer, Hp enterprise, JP Morgan, Chase, Zendesk and lots more. These are big clients and attests to the quality of work that can be gotten on this platform.

  • Freelancers

To be recruited as a member of the Toptal talent network, you will go through an intensive screening process. However, this shouldn’t deter you in as much as you can provide the services required. Most freelancers on this platform are located in North America, South America, Russia and Europe. Recruitment is done globally.

You should also know that with this platform, the company that wants to recruit you will also carry out an interview. Your approval for gigs is subject to a trial period after this interview. The trial period lasts 2 weeks and if the client isn’t satisfied, you still get paid by Toptal. However, it is in your best interest to satisfy the client as this opens greater opportunities for you.

3.  Outsourcely

Outsourcely is a platform that allows you to connect with skilled remote workers from all across the world that specialize in the following aspects: business services, mobile applications, customer support, administrative support, design and multimedia, writing and content, web development, and sales & marketing. All of the freelancers on the platforms are highly experienced, educated, and verified professionals who are guaranteed to provide you with satisfactory results.


It has a talent pool of over 400,000 reliable workers for you to choose from. It stands out from other websites as it solves the usual freelancing concerns regarding finding reliable workers, inability to hire directly, and high payment processing fees. 

online freelance marketplaces

Key Highlights

  • Fewer Fees

Most freelance platforms earn their money by taking commission fees, such as a 10-25% cut out of what you get for finishing a project. They also earn through hidden fees, such as currency exchange fees, which are not always obvious to freelancers. One of the most positive aspects of Outsourcely is that they do not have any hidden fees and take no commission from freelancers. That’s right, you get 100% of what you earn!

  • Instant Private Chat

You can connect with your employers directly through instant private chat if you have any queries about the job they need. This greatly speeds up the process of getting work done, as you do not need to wait for your emails to be answered. Besides private chat, there is also the option for live video & voice interviewing that allows you to gain a better understanding of what your employer requires from you. A face to face interview allows both employers and freelancers to get a better understanding of each other.  

  • Free Job Post

You can create a free job post when you first sign up on the website to get a glimpse of how it works and see if it suits what you are looking for. In case you feel like the website doesn’t work for you, you can make use of the 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • Full-time Partnerships

Outsourcely is the ideal platform for you if you wish to obtain full-time partnerships that benefit you in the long run. The purpose of the website is beyond matching talented individuals with those looking for work – it is designed to provide full-time status to employees and help startups create a stable workforce to rely on.

4.  Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the most well-known platforms to connect freelancers with those who need to get work done. It was launched in 2003, making it one of the older websites, but the fact that it’s still so popular is a testament to its greatness. It is very easy to use for both those looking for freelancers and those looking for gigs.

Freelancer is used by some of the biggest corporations, such as Microsoft, MetLife, and Intel. It recently acquired two of the biggest giants in the freelancing world: Scriptlance and vWorker, it has become bigger than ever before. You can find plenty of credible employers on this website, by their profile reviews. It’s incredibly easy to browse through projects and place bids for whichever one suits you! 

online freelance marketplaces

Key Highlights

  • Live chat

You can live chat with the employers who want to hire you to make them understand better why you’re a great fit! When you get a project, the live chat feature allows for constant and easy communication.  

  • Guaranteed payment

Thanks to Freelancer’s milestone feature, both freelancers and employers can rest easy knowing that they won’t get scammed. When an employer requests a freelancer to finish a project, they create a milestone (i.e., set a payment to be made when the freelancer accomplishes a specific task). Once a milestone is set, the money is with Freelancer, the intermediary party, and it is released once the employer approves the work. If employers refuse to set milestones before submission of work, it is seen as suspicious behavior, and you shouldn’t trust them!

  • 24/7 Support

Freelancer has a support team that is online 24/7 as well. As a new freelancer, it’s not uncommon to have a lot of queries and be confused about certain things. That’s why it’s so great to have someone to reach out to no matter what time of day it might be! 

5.  Upwork

Upwork is a platform used by companies and freelancers all across the world. Employers can post jobs for free, and you can bid on them! Finding projects on Upwork is easy as well. All you need to do is provide details of your specialties, and then Upwork does the rest of the job for you by connecting you with projects posted by employers from all around the globe, or from those who are near you. This ability to browse through projects by location is unique but very beneficial for freelancers looking for employers in their own time zone!

Upwork is also extremely easy to use, with an interface similar to that of Freelancer. However, it’s a bit tougher for freelancers to make an account on this website. When you sign up, your account goes through an approval process, and if there are too many freelancers offering the same services as you, you may not get approved!

online freelance marketplaces

Key Highlights

  • Easy to communicate

It is very easy to communicate and collaborate on Upwork. It connects you with clients, and you can either chat with them or engage in a video call. This allows you to periodically follow up with your clients and guarantee that your work is on time. Additionally, you can also ask the client any questions that you need to address and ask the client to clarify any unclear instructions. 

  • Simple payment

The payment on this platform is fairly simplified, as employers will either pay you at an hourly rate or a fixed fee. Hence, there are multiple different ways that you can receive your income. Invoices are received through Upwork, and you’ll only get paid for the work that’s been authorized. 

  • High-Quality Jobs

Upwork does a lot to remain an exclusive freelancing platform, and for the right reasons – they have some of the highest paid jobs on all freelancing sites! On most other websites, anyone can sign up and start sending in proposals to land gigs. This is great in theory, but it means that there’s a lot of spam bidding going on, and it makes it more difficult for the client to see your bid and notice you.

In contrast, Upwork keeps its spam bids to a minimum by assessing every freelancer on the platform. This is also what attracts many high-profile employers to their site and is the reason why you’ll find great gig opportunities on Upwork!

6.  Truelancer

Truelancer is a global community of trusted freelancers. It’s an online platform where you can hire professional freelance experts in different fields. The website successfully connects clients and freelancers all over the world. Clients can easily find developers, content writers, and several other different kinds of professionals.


They can post projects for different categories. These include Graphic Design, IT & Programming, Content Writing, Data Entry, Finance, Sales, and Marketing. It’s completely free to create an account, for both employers and freelancers as well. The interface of the website is completely stable, and it’s very easy to use.

online freelance marketplaces

Key Highlights

  • Easy To Use

One of the best things about Truelancer is that it’s beginner-friendly. When you’re just starting out as a freelancer, it can be a daunting environment. However, Truelancer simplifies everything for you and lets you find jobs easily.

  • Managers

Additionally, in the case of a larger project, the website assigns you a manager. This individual will review your work process and provide you with feedback along the way. It allows you to complete tough tasks with some assistance.

  • Premium Ratings

If you have high ratings, you’ll easily find more jobs because of the Truelancer Prime service. Only the best freelancers get hired through this so there’s a big incentive to work hard.

7.  PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is one of the most established freelancing platforms. It allows employers to gain access to a global community of freelancers who can provide the services their business needs.

PeoplePerHour comes with a project writing tool that clients can use to post a project. The tool is specifically designed to ask them all the necessary questions before their project is published. This means that projects posted on this marketplace are extremely thorough, which is great for freelancers! For new freelancers starting out PeoplePerHour is a great way to find reliable clients.

Key Highlights

  • Fixed prices

PeoplePerHour provides the unique option of fixed price offers. There are fixed price offers as low as £10, it provides with a net of safety by ensuring a fixed amount that you’re going to get. As a result, there are fewer disputes with employers over the amount. 

  • Verified Freelancers

PeoplePerHour carefully verifies each freelancer available on the platform. It checks with them before allowing them to be available on the website. Hence, there is a guarantee that employers will be working with a professional in their respective field. Beyond this, each freelancer is also rated and reviewed by the community as well, hence, you need to make sure that your work is up to standard to get the best jobs! This may be a daunting feature, but with a good rating and a few good reviews, you’ll find it much easier to land even more freelancing gigs on this platform. The difference a few good reviews can make is immense. 

  • Easy collaboration

Collaboration is very quick and easy on PeoplePerHour. It offers an inbox with structured threads and clearly marked tasks to allow for simple communication and organized invoicing. 

  • Protection

You can rest easy on this platform as it offers you Anti-Fraud Protection. It monitors each and every single transaction taking place and also makes use of smart identification procedures to prevent identity theft, phishing, and fraud from taking place. 

  • Simple payments

Payments on PeoplePerHour are convenient and risk-free, as their payment system holds payments in an escrow account, and the payment is made only when the work has been marked as complete by all the individuals involved. Payments can be made with just the tap of a button straight from your project stream. Once an employer clicks pay, funds will be sent to the freelancer. 

8. Insolvo

On Insolvo, any and all tasks are available to be done by freelancers. This online freelance marketplace is different from most others in that you need to pay a subscription fee as a freelancer. Additionally, you go through a test. Upon successfully passing the test, you receive a rating. This rating is especially important for new freelancers. It becomes visible after you successfully complete your first gig with a positive review from the employer.


Key Highlights

  • Requires a membership fee from the freelancers as well as passing their freelancer test. The good thing with this platform is that it makes use of AI to match candidates to available tasks. This ensures that everyone including beginners have a high rate of being assigned a task.
  • There is a wide range of work opportunities on this platform. The platform encourages both beginners and specialist to apply for various tasks
online freelance marketplaces
  • Payment on this platform is guaranteed similar to what obtains on Freelancer platform. The buyer is required to deposit some money into their own account, sufficient to pay for the services of the freelancer. Upon successful completion of the task and subject to a review by the buyer, the payment is released to the freelancer
  • If there are any issues with the buyer you can open a dispute and have one of Insolvo’s support members attend to it.

Now that you are aware of the best freelancing platforms out there right now, you may wonder what do you do next? Well, after signing up on an online freelance marketplace, you need to land your first gig! Don’t know how? Keep reading!

How Do You Score A Freelancing Gig? 

If you don’t know how to go about getting your first gig, here are tips you need to follow!

1.   Experience Will Need To Come First

As with all jobs, even in freelancing, you need to have experience in your chosen field. All high-paying clients will want to choose a freelancer with a lot of experience and reviews in the field. So, for your first freelancing gig, lower your expectations! There is a lot of competition on these online freelance marketplaces. Starting out a lower rate might be a good way to enter the market. Accept that you may get a moderately-paying gig at first but do the best you can! Once you get a good review, you’ll get a better gig next, and from there on, it’ll keep growing!

2.   Look At The Skills You Already Have

You might not have worked as a freelancer before, but you must have a few skills which can come in extremely handy. You should consider your history and the unique experiences you have had, which you can pitch to your clients to help you make a strong case for yourself. It’s important to pick out the field you excel the most at, this helps you make the best sales pitch. What are you selling? Your skillset, of course!

3.   Create A Website Or Portfolio

This is an essential step to consider as it allows you to showcase your work to potential clients. It is also a convenient way for you to introduce yourself, your services, your contact information, and your pricing. You can get started with your website using Bluehost at $3.95 per month. A good content management system to use will be wordpress as it is easy to use.

On these online freelance marketplaces, your portfolio is the first thing any potential employer sees about you. Make it a great first impression!

4.   Begin Networking

Like every other job, freelancing is also about networking – especially in the beginning, when you’re trying to get the word out there and gain a bit of experience to boost your portfolio. All it takes at the start is for one client to appreciate your work for them to recommend you further. Dig deep into your contacts and ask old clients you may have worked with to recommend you to people they know. Even if you don’t have old clients, anyone working in the same industry will do! For example, if you’re a graphic designer, call up people who have blogs, websites, magazines, or any publication that may need your work. It might seem like a long shot, but if you connect with the right person, it can do wonders for you.

5.   Talk To Fellow Freelancers

This is a very important tip because you may be able to find some guidance from those working in the field themselves. You may also receive extremely helpful and useful advice on how to make it in the online freelance marketplace world. This can be crucial in the beginning as it takes a while to find your feet in a field like this one.

6.   Know Where To Look

One unfortunate reality regarding freelancing is that it is very possible to get scammed. Since most freelancing jobs are remote, it is very easy for individuals to ask for work and then never get back to the freelancer in regard to the payment. Thus, you need to be very careful when talking to potential clients on these websites.

This is where the online freelance marketplaces mentioned above can be helpful, as every single transaction on these platforms is protected. You are guaranteed to receive your payment as long as you have met the needs of your client. That’s why if you meet a client promising to pay you off these websites, don’t trust them! They’re trying to avoid providing any guarantee of payment.

7.   Know How Your Industry Works 

You need to have an understanding regarding the competitive landscape of the field you have chosen to be a part of. You will inevitably find thousands of freelancers offering something similar. Hence, you will need to look into the average rate of pay and the kind of expectations companies have from freelancers in your field. It is critical for you to do enough research to understand how you might be able to stand out from everyone else. 

To get started, there are plenty of online freelance marketplaces you can look into. You can set up an account on one of the websites mentioned above, and you can start using your various social media profiles to announce that you are looking for freelancing gigs to begin spreading the word. You can potentially start cold calling as well. It might sound like a thing from the past, but it is still just as effective as before. You can even start holding free workshops or training to build a reputation for yourself and establish credibility as well. 

To get your first few gigs, you can use the traditional ways, and you can also think out of the box and be creative about it! Once you get the ball rolling, opportunities will start coming your way in no time!


In summary, while I know there are so many online freelance marketplaces. This guide mentions the absolutely best platforms for you to use as a freelancer based on a couple of factors. Additionally starting out as a new freelancer might be a bit challenging at first because of the stiff competition.

Similarly, employers are usually on the lookout for freelancers with the highest ratings. However, there are ways that you can put yourself out on these platforms. If you feel like this works for you, time to go to the drawing board and see what skills you can possibly offer. Make a list, create a portfolio, and then start making profiles and reaching out. I wish you the best of luck on this money making journey!

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