How To Create and Sell Online Courses Easily

How To Create and Sell Online Courses
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If you have the skills necessary to teach but perhaps have stage fright or not interested in a physical classroom style of teaching, you can create and sell online courses. This is one way to transfer knowledge to others while making some extra income on the side.

Online courses are now very popular due in part to the ease this type of channel offers as well as the ever-changing need for a variety of skills globally. Numerous training platforms are available to create and sell online courses easily. One of such platforms today is Thinkific.

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What is Thinkific?

Thinkific is an online learning platform with numerous features and a simple user interface. This cloud-based Learning Management System is an excellent platform for entrepreneurs who want to create, control, and sell their courses online and generate revenue from them. The platform allows you to make your sales page and add course content to it at the backend. This page can then be published on Thinkific, where students enroll in the course and thus generate a steady income stream. 

Thinkific is used in over 164 countries and has more than 16 million students enrolled in it. The platform generates a whopping 200 million dollars worth of sales. Thinkific is also utilized by more than 36000 entrepreneurs. These include some big guns, such as the award-winning podcast host John Lee Dumas, Newyork Times’ bestselling author Lewis Howes, and the YouTube guru Sunny Lenarduzzi.

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The platform is also quite popular with large enterprises that can create and upload course material regarding their particular enterprise, including corporations such as Samsung, Hootsuite, Aweber, Inuit, and numerous others.

As can be seen, by the platform’s popularity, Thinkific is no average learning management system. But is it everything it claims to be? I have explored all of the nitty-gritty details of Thinkific to give you a well-rounded review of one of the most famous online learning platforms

Key Highlights 

Although there are numerous online learning platforms, Thinkific sets itself apart from others with its straightforward and brilliant features. The following are some of the key highlights of Thinkific:

·        Easy To Use

Thinkific does not require its users to be tech-savvy! This is one of its most defining features. Thinkific has perfected its features to a T so that even the most technologically-challenged individuals can simply breeze through the entire process of course creation.

There are no tricky codes or details that could affect your course. This platform allows you to create simple and straightforward courses with just a few clicks. 

·        Ability To Create Attractive Pages

The site builder on Thinkific has numerous options to help you create the most eye-catching sales pages in little to no-time. Again, the options given are pretty straight forward. Even people who are not good with technology can explore their creative streak and build beautiful sales pages quickly and easily.

The platform even allows you to add icon buttons while you’re building your sales page right from the site builder. Which simply makes the whole process of building a great sales page hassle-free

Thinkific features

·        Course Templates

This site’s whole purpose is to enable users to create and upload their course content in the simplest manner possible. So, whenever you are trying to create and upload your content onto Thinkific, it will give you options of pre-set templates and guide you on how to use them. This effectively streamlines course creation, making it much more efficient and saving users tremendous time. 

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·        E-learning Authoring Tool Files Can Also Be Uploaded

Generally, most course creators prefer deviating a little from the standard course and taking their course(s) up a notch. Thinkific allows users to include course materials, videos, quizzes, and other types of files directly from e-Learning authoring tools such as Captivate and iSpring. However, this feature is available on an upgraded plan and not on the free one. 


·        It’s Free!

Thinkific is a groundbreaking learning management system platform because it offers an option for entrepreneurs to use the platform absolutely free! So, there is absolutely no transaction fee involved.

Of course, there are limitations to the free version. Such as being able to create only 3 courses and an inability to use advanced features. However, the free version is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who are just stepping into the world of course creation and online teaching.

·        Thinkific’s Phone Support

Unlike most other platforms, Thinkific takes feedback and complaints seriously. This is why the platform has a phone support option to guide individuals through issues they may be facing while using their website. There is also a priority phone line for customers who have a higher plan. 

·        Customizable Sales Page

The sales pages created on Thinkific can be customized to your liking so you can match them to the general theme of your business.

·        Various Pricing Models

Entrepreneurs can choose and set whatever pricing method they feel is most appropriate. More expensive plans can be broken down into installments. In contrast, recurring fees such as a subscription or membership fee can be added for continuous access to a course as well. 

·        Voice-Over Tool

This tool makes producing and presenting videos on the platform a walk in the park! It also helps students to understand better and thus increases the popularity of courses created using this tool which is one of the features on Thinkific.


·        No Marketing

There is no way for entrepreneurs to market their courses directly on Thinkific. However, you can use a third-party email marketing provider, such as Aweber and Mailchimp.

·        Check Out Pages

The check out pages could cost you during conversions as the lengthy account creation process may deter students who leave half-way. 


Thinkific offers five types of plans with varied prices and features.

1.   Free Plan

The free plan offers all the core features necessary to create a simple and straightforward course. There are no transaction fees involved. However, there are no additional features included in the free plan, either. 

2.   Basic Plan

The Basic Plan comes with a nominal fee and numerous additional features. These include the ability to add coupons, drip content, email students, create custom domains, integrate the course with third-party email marketing, and much more.

Thinkific pricing

3.   Pro Plan

This plan is for entrepreneurs who want to create more lengthy and complicated courses. Although this is a little pricier, it comes with numerous features that make the course feel much more substantial. These include completion certificates, prerequisite lessons, membership bundles, advanced course pricing, and multiple admin accounts.

4.   Growth Package

The growth package is an automatic extension of the Pro Plan stage. Here, the platform charges you more for additional users after you cross the 100 users mark. However, they also provide more features to enhance your course and make it easier for you to manage a popular course.

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5.   Premier Plan

It includes all the features Thinkific has to offer and makes managing large courses easier.

Additionally, there is a customized pricing option under the Thinkific Plus Plan. Generally required by large corporations for the creation of online courses. Pricing is by a special request and subject to your customization needs.


Overall, Thinkific is a brilliant online learning and course creation platform. Entrepreneurs can get a feel of the platform by using their free version and then upgrading to a desired plan later. Thinkific has numerous features that make course creation and management a breeze. It’s simple user interface and ease of use make Thinkific a popular platform with entrepreneurs and students worldwide and for a good reason. 

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